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Information about the club

St Mary’s After School Club provides a safe, welcoming environment to children attending St Mary’s RC primary school on East London Street in Edinburgh. We are a non-profit making organisation, running since 1992.

We are based in the Annex building situated within the school grounds, therefore staff can safely collect children directly from the school playground. Additionally a member of staff will collect children who wish to attend extra curricular clubs which take place within the school until 4pm or 5pm.

We are also fortunate to be near the cinema and nearby play parks. The emphasis of the Club is on fun with a balance of free play activities and planned activities. Planned activities usually will have derived from observations where staff have noted the children or an individual child has shown an interest in a certain topic or idea and staff will then extend the interest to meet children’s needs and follow their interests by providing various resources.  The Club is not an extension of the school day but will have a programme providing children with the choices and freedom to do things within a flexible range of activities.

We are very well equipped with art materials, sewing equipment, construction toys, games, books,  various technology equipment and a variety of outdoor equipment.

We encourage children to be outdoors as weather permits. When practical and with the full agreement of parents/carers, outings will be organised to places of interest with occasional trips including cinema, bowling, Botanic Gardens, restaurants or the theatre. To extend the children’s experiences, we invite educational organisations to visit us, for example – following our food bank collection, we recently had a representative from Edinburgh City Mission to further inform the children why we donate. We have also had Zoolab visit and entertain on several occasions – the UK’s No:1 provider of live animal handling workshop!

Access to after school club

Access to our annex building is strictly via playground only. Edinburgh council facilities management do not permit parents and carers to use the school staff car park for their car or walk through the school car park.

As our after school club has stairs and may not be accessible for some parents/ carers, we would like to make you aware that staff are more than willing to bring your child downstairs to meet you at the end of the day if you, for whatever reason, are unable to make it upstairs.



At St Marys After School Club we are committed to providing high quality out of school care provision within a safe, stimulating and pleasant environment where all children, staff, parents and carers work together to promote effective care and child development.


We are inspected by the Scottish Care Inspectorate. Copies of the latest registration and inspection report are available to parents on request.


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